Monday, September 8, 2014

Love Even Greater Than the State of Texas

Hola hola hola!
First of all, thank you for the card from the cousin camp out!! I loved it so much and it made me smile so big! I miss all of you, and thanks for thinking of me!
                                Hermana Loo and I on "safari" Texas style
We have definitely had many great moments this week! As you can see by my pictures, we went on a "Safari Ride" at one of our member's homes. They have 500 acres or so of land and so we stand in the back of the truck as he drives through it all! It's lots of fun. Brother Harris also used to be a professional boxer and he still trains people, so one of these P-days we're going to go back and he is going to teach us how to box too, so that is going to be cool! Honestly, Huntsville is a one of a kind place. I get to do great things here that I would never get to do anywhere else! Well basically you get to experience so many things on your mission that you would have never thought possible. I LOVE IT!!! 
                         Brother Harris and family - Our safari guides!
As far as missionary work goes, things have definitely picked up here since school started. And first off, Hermana Loo is such an incredible missionary! She is already teaching me so much, and she definitely has a lot of strengths that are my weaknesses, so I can already see some of the reasons that Heavenly Father put us together. He knows what He's doing! So we went up on campus almost every day this week to contact people and invite them to Institute and the classes we are having. We took up a board with a picture of Christ and the question "What has Jesus Christ done for you?" As people walked by, we would ask them to take a moment and write down their answer to that question on an index card and then we would tape it to the board. It worked really well! We got some really great responses! For example, one guy put "He gave me great hair," another said "A LOT," and then there were other really incredible ones like "He saved my mom from cancer" or "He blessed me with an amazing family and friends." We also had really amazing conversations with some of them, which would lead to them asking us more questions about what we do. We're excited to keep it up! It was so great to see that even if someone wasn't necessarily interested in listening to more, that they were still able to take a moment and think about what Christ has done for them. Helping others come unto Christ is so amazing! It's a lot of fun to work on campus. THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL HERE!!! We are working so hard, planting lots of seeds, and I think within the next couple weeks we will see a lot more people wanting to learn more. 
                          Our "What has Christ done for you?" display
One miracle that happened this week was that we met with a less active Spanish speaking family and found out that the mom is the only member. The dad is Catholic and the kids were baptized Catholic when they were babies, but the parents decided that they could choose for themselves when they were older. So we got 3 new investigators from that!! We hope they will come to church next week and that we can teach them and help them reach baptism!
                               Some of our Amazing YSA friends!!!!!
Some other really great news....M is getting baptized!!! (He's the one on the very far left in the YSA picture) Oh my he is seriously too great--so so prepared it's unreal. So this week we taught him the Word of Wisdom and it was probably one of the best lessons of my entire mission because of the way he responded to it. He pretty much taught us. So we introduce the topic and ask him if he knows anything about it. He told us he did, that he actually just learned about it from his friend D (the member that referred him to us). He told us that this last summer he smoked every day and would drink too, however when he started meeting with us and learning about the gospel he felt as if he shouldn't anymore. He said each time he went to smoke or drink it felt wrong and he decided to stop doing it. Then two days later, D started talking to him about the Word of Wisdom, they read D&C 89, and he straight up stopped cold turkey! He told us that he doesn't want to jeopardize losing the knowledge he is gaining or slow down his progress by smoking and drinking! It was so incredible that he had already gained a testimony of the Word of Wisdom before he even learned of it. He told us he was with friends and they offered him something to smoke--he turned it down. Then a little while later they offered it to him again--he turned it down. Then they offered it to him a third time--he turned it down and left! He is so amazing and so prepared! I feel so blessed to work with him! Then he accepted baptism and chose to be baptized on September 20th, so please, please keep him in your prayers!! Isn't that the coolest story ever? He truly is sooo prepared. He is going up against so much opposition, but he is soaking in everything he is learning and he knows it is true! But what is even cooler is that he is applying it all too! We are sooo excited for him! Ahh. Missionary work is the most rewarding thing in all of the world. I am so lucky to be here!! I feel so privileged to work with such amazing people and to learn from them too. AHHH. Words can't explain to you the happiness that I feel right now. It's a marvelous feeling. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!! And I love all of you too. Have a great week!!
                     At the Sam Houston State football game last week
With love even greater than the great state of Texas,
Hermana Hoj

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