Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Are You Ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!

Well howdy!

How is everything going for all of you this week? Sorry I'm a day late...labor day...and I don't have as much time as usual to write you today, but I will do my best to get everything out that I need to! It has been quite the week, very busy and crazy, and wow have things changed since we last talked!!

                       Goodbye to Hermana Fletcher - She is headed for home!
                                   It's beautiful in Huntsville!!!
So first thing is first, I am still in Huntsville...taking over after only 5 weeks which is crazy--what's God thinking right? haha, but I now have a new companion! Hermana Fletcher is going home, so my new companion is Hermana Loo! She is seriously sooo adorable. We already get along so well! And we have our work cut out for us! She is an English Sister that has been in YSA wards her whole mission so she is going to be helping me so much with that, and I am going to be helping her learn Spanish! It's so exciting! She was a visa waiter for Brazil and began learning Portuguese, but she decided to stay in Texas and now has been changed to Spanish! We are seriously so excited for the work up here. There is so much to do!! She is 22 years old, and she is from Oregon. She came out the same time I did so we are going to be helping each other so much. We are seriously SO excited. I already know that she is an incredible missionary so I feel so blessed to get to work with her. 
                    Hello and welcome to Huntsville Hermana Loo!!!!!!

So much has happened this last week...first of all, Sam Houston State started, so we have been on campus talking to people a lot. It's so much fun! Oh and guess what? We went to their football game! haha it was sooo weird, but fun at the same time. President came up to us at a meeting and asked us "So, can you go to football games?" Sister Fletcher and I looked at each other and were just like...I dunno.... and he said "I think you can. That's where the people will be. We need to go where the people are and be a part of the community, right?" So that was really strange being there, but we are definitely being seen, and we were able to talk to some people too. We also went downtown yesterday. That was the first time I had been downtown, and it was great! Because it was labor day there weren't very many people down there so we just kind of walked around and took pictures. So that's kind of the fun stuff I guess that we did this week! It was a good last week with Hermana Fletcher and I am going to miss her a lot, but I am excited for what is ahead!

                       Our first Sam Houston State football game

                      Deserted downtown Huntsville on Labor Day

Miracle moments from this week. Matt is still awesome and is still progressing tremendously! We taught him about family history and temple work this week, and after the lesson I couldn't really tell what he was thinking. So I asked him and said something like, "How are you feeling about all of this? Is it weird?" and he said "No, it makes sense. I think it's kind of weird that I don't think it's weird. It's just another thing to try to explain to my parents, but it's really great." We found out later that week that his dad was going to drive up on Sunday to come to church with him, and I'm not going to lie, I was a little scared! But the coolest thing ever happened! Both of the speakers in sacrament meeting had been assigned the topic of family history and temple work, and their talks were incredible! I think that was an answer to his prayers that they were able to speak and explain that so well while his dad was there, and I think his dad ended up enjoying church! Such a great miracle. I love just the simple, small miracles that God provides for us. Those little tender mercies are the best!! You always have to keep your mind, eyes, and heart open to see them--they really are everywhere! God is good--just a reminder. :) 
I am just loving being a missionary. I never want it to end! It was so weird being with a companion that was heading home, and I don't ever want it to be my turn to be in that place! (Not that I don't love you all, the mission is just really amazing!) I think it was exactly what I needed to help me realize that I really need to give it my all the rest of the time I am here. I feel that I still have so much to do, but I know that won't come without work on my end of it. Please keep the people of Huntsville Texas in your prayers! It's so exciting being a part of the Lord's work and watching people change their lives to become disciples of Jesus Christ. What a blessing and a privilege it is to be serving in the Texas Houston Mission.

Love you all!

Hermana Hoj

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