Monday, June 2, 2014

Attack of the Mosquitos

Well howdy folks!

Talk about a week of miracles. With the exception of all of my mosquito bites, this week has been amazing! But seriously, I dislike mosquitoes soooo much. For some reason they just like my blood and then my bites grow to be way bigger than they should be. This past week I counted 9 bites on one arm, 10 on one leg and 7 on the other. And this is with me putting on bug spray every day. Oh and I also had my first experience of the car being so hot and humid that when I got in I couldn't breathe, so that was fun. The humidity is still not too bad right now, but I can tell the hot and humid is coming. Apparently it all just gets worse from here...BRING IT ON! haha 

Now to the miraculousness of this week. (I'm making up my own words now too) With the help of the Lord we set 3 baptismal dates!!! And it is so crazy how the Lord works through us! He is incredible!!! Ahhh!! So a few weeks ago, I was on exchanges with Hermana Carter. We went into Food Town to do some contacting. As we were walking in, I saw a girl that looked really familiar, someone that I had seen at church before. We saw each other and started talking. I still didn't know who she was, but I knew that she had been at our church before. I assumed that she was a member in one of the areas of the other missionaries, but Hermana Carter didn't know her either. She was there with her boyfriend and they were saying hello to his mom who worked at the store. So after they left, we went up to his mom and started talking to her. We asked if we could come by someday to talk more with her and she agreed! So she gave us her address and phone number. A few days later we tried stopping by and she had just left for work. Then we were on exchanges again this week. Hermana Carter came to our area with Hermana Baxter and when we switched back that night they said "We set a baptismal date!" They then told me that they went to try her again, and again she was gone. Her daughter, who is 15, answered the door and said "She's not here, but you can come in and talk to me!" Then they got talking and she really wants to change her life around, and they set a baptismal date! But that's not all. The other day we were visiting a member family in our ward and I asked them if they know anyone who would benefit from hearing a message of Jesus Christ. They said there is a part member family--the mom was baptized two years ago, and her 8 year old boy and 17 year old daughter wanted to be baptized. They had moved, so we weren't sure if they were in our area or not to teach them. On Sunday he introduced them to us at church, and guess who the 17 year old daughter was? The one that I had seen at Food Town! Her name is Betsy and her little brother is Felipito. We met with them yesterday and working towards them being baptized on June 20th! Which happens to be Felipito's birthday! YAY!!!! Please keep all of them in your prayers that they may be able to reach the dates that we have set for them. Then on top of that, on Sunday we had a reactivation! And also, the entire Rocha family came to church!! AHHH!!!! That was such a big step!!! Hermano came and talked with bishop. (The records of their two daughters were lost so they have to be baptized again. Hermano wanted to do it, but he has been inactive for awhile. So we have been trying to get him to come to church and talk with the bishop to get it all figured out, but every time he said he would come, he hasn't.) And he came! Finalmente!! I was full of joy and happiness and love and everything good! (With the exception of mosquito poison) Really though, I just want to end by saying that because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I truly am happy. Applying the principles of the gospel and the teachings of Jesus Christ bring a happiness and joy that you can find no where else. So I will end by saying, I AM HAPPY!!!! 

I love the opportunity I have to serve the Lord, and I love being a missionary. And I love all of you!! Remember to be happy! (and if you are not, look at the solution I just gave above for finding that happiness, and then DO IT!!!) love you!!!!

Hermana Hoj

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