Monday, May 5, 2014

Mosquito bites, sunburns, dirty feet, and a whole lot of miracles!

Buenos dias ! Como estan?
So....I get to see you on Sunday!!! WHOOO!!! How exciting right? Doesn't it seem like just yesterday we were doing this for la Navidad? Wow how the time flies....
This week has been one of adventure and miracles for sure. First off, transfers are this week but both Hermana Baxter and I are staying together! So we're excited for that! She is awesome and it has really been amazing to see how we have been able to help each other out in the time that we have been together. The Lord definitely put us together for a reason, and we are constantly learning from one another. 

                     My last picture with my first companion - Hermana Driesel
                                   She is headed home!

Here are some of the funny moments/adventures from the week and then I'll get on to the miracles. So on Saturday we walked for almost 4 hours and it was actually quite enjoyable! I got my first sun burn of the year, along with my first 12 mosquito bites. Man, they are absolutely awful here. I am sooo itchy! And my feet were absolutely covered in dirt. I'll send a picture. :) Also we got to mow a lawn too! That made me happy too. haha It's definitely getting hotter here, not too bad yet though. The humidity hasn't really come I don't think, but it will be here soon. Then all the pictures you get of me will be sweaty ones with my hair glued to my head. Get ready! haha 
                                        Post Tracting dirty feet!
                     This is what happens when a naïve Mormon Hermana
                     asks what that is sitting on their tv and they do a demo
                    for you right in front of the Elders! Classic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Now on to the miracles!!!!!!!!
Two miracles I want to share with you. On Thursday night, all of our citas fell through. It happens, and the Lord always has a plan. There was one family that kept coming to my mind and so we decided to stop by to go see them. She is usually really busy with school, work, or her kids, but we wanted to at least try. We knocked on the door and she opened up and invited us in. Her sister was visiting from Mexico and we sat down and started talking with them for a little while. At first I didn't feel like we were fulfilling our purpose and I was thinking maybe it would be better to go. But then the Lord blessed us with a moment to share a scripture with them. We opened up to Helaman 5:12 and testified of the importance of making Christ our foundation. We come to find out that her sister is an inactive member in Mexcio. We asked them how we can make Christ our rock, and she directly said that she needed to go to church. She recognized it and willingly admitted it too. I thought that was really incredible, and I think that she was really touched by the Spirit. I hope it sparks something in her to go back to church in Mexico. I know that our citas fell through for a reason and that we were directed there by the Spirit. I hope that we were able to help make a difference in her life.
This week we also found a less active member! She is from Honduras and has been here for a year without contact with the church. All of her family is still in Honduras, so she is here without them. She found the sister missionaries in another ward, but she is living in our area so we were able to meet her this week! We found a ride for her to come to church on Sunday, but she told us she had work and could only come for the first hour. Her name is A. She came to church for the first time in over a year! It was fast and testimony meeting yesterday and the Spirit was so strong. In the ward I'm in right now, people flood to the front to bear their testimonies and it's so awesome! I went up to share my testimony, and as I was sitting on the stand waiting my turn, A comes up and sits right next to me, ready to share hers as well. She went up and the Spirit was so strong. She talked about how her family is in Honduras and that she is here alone. She was scared to start coming to church again because she didn't know what people would think. She told us (the missionaries) she had work and could only come for the first our, and over the pulpit she said "That wasn't true. I was just scared. Now that I am here and have felt the Spirit today, I don't want to leave!" And she ended up staying for all 3 hours!! She is so incredible! To have the courage to get up there for her first time and share all of that is amazing. She is such an example to me. After sacrament meeting, the ward swarmed her and I know that she felt welcomed and loved. Church yesterday was all in all incredible! Later on in the day we were visiting some members and each one of them mentioned the Spirit they felt when A bore her testimony. It was a beautiful meeting. One of the members then said something that really meant a lot to us. He said "the two of you are doing great work here," and he thanked us. That really meant so much to me. There are so many times as a missionary when you feel like you are not succeeding. The adversary drills that thought into your mind again and again and again. He makes you feel worthless and that you are not making a difference, when in reality WE ARE!!!! Sometimes it just takes awhile to recognize the results of your efforts, but as long as we are striving to do our best, they always, always come. I am so grateful for the Lord and His mercy and love for each and every one of us. There are so many people here that I love so much, I want to spend all my time and attention on every single one of them because I love them all so much. I have no idea how that Savior does it, but what I do know is that He does. He never leaves our side and He is putting in all of His time and efforts to help us on our way back home. I am so grateful to be lucky enough to have that knowledge! Well, better go share that with Houston! Have a good week and I will see you on SUNDAY!!!! YAY!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Much love,
Hermana Hoj


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