Monday, January 6, 2014

One Crazy Week!

Hello my dearest family!

Yes and yes, the new year has brought lots of changes to me over here in the good ole Woodlands. I got my new companion and she is so great! Her name is Hermana Burnham and she is from Seattle Washington. She is also 19 years old so the two of us are the youngins. haha She has been out for almost 10 months and I am so excited that I get to work with her! She's pretty great. You'll see the picture I send to you and you'll see that we are enjoying being ourselves. Taking over an area was a little stressful at first because plans fall through and you are the only one that knows the other options and where to go. And you just want to make sure that they are having a good experience too! But it's gotten better and better as the days go on. Nothing exciting at all happened for the New Year for us...we were sleeping like little babies! We just saw the aftermath of it all the next day with fireworks covering the ground. But, that does not even begin the extent of our changes over here. This week has been crazy, but in a good way.

So one of the Hermanas in this mission had surgery this past week, so while she is recovering at President's house her companion needs a companion. So the other sisters in our ward (Hermana Spendlove and Hermana McCleary) got split until she gets better. Hermana McCleary went with the other Hermana and then Hermana Spendlove came with us. So we are in a trio until the other Sister gets better, covering both of our areas. So we have been super super busy trying to combine all of the appointments from both areas in a reasonable way. I am super exhausted, but such is the life of a missionary. Maybe we can finally bring to pass the line in the white handbook that says something to the effect of...if you have too many appointments you can go on splits with members! That would be pretty cool, I don't know how many missionaries can say that they have had too many appointments...haha so even though we are super busy, we are super blessed! It is incredible to me to see how the Lord has prepared me for this experience. I went on exchanges in the other area of the Woodlands once, and that has helped me so so much to help know how to get to certain places. The Lord prepares us for everything that He puts in our paths. His plans are perfect, even if we aren't. If we put our trust and faith in Him, anything is possible!

Now I want to tell you some funny, awesome, cool, great, what ever words you want to use to describe, stories from this past week. 
As we were walking in an apartment complex the other day we saw a man sitting out on the porch shooting a little airsoft gun at the ceiling (that's not really important but it just adds to the story, right?) so naturally we decided to give him a card of Jesus Christ. He didn't actually live there, but a couple days later we were by that apartment again and guess what? The card was hung up right next to their door. A card being put to good use! Can't say that's ever happened, but how great is that? 
We were almost eaten by a little dog this week...he did not like us at all! Just picture this...the three of us, and a crazy psychotic dog barking constantly trying to bite our legs, with Hna. Burnham swinging her bag at the dog to keep it away. Good stuff and sooo funny. (The fact that it was a little dog just makes it that much more ridiculous.) 
Another one about dogs. This one might be more appreciated by Jake, Tay, and Dad. So ya know how in Hot Rod he's got spirit animals? Well, we've got one too! A spirit husky. We were terrified of it at first but then it started walking in front of us and then it stopped at a house, so we knocked on the door. One of the houses he led us to was one of our investigators. I'm telling you, this dog knows. hahaha just kidding, but we still thought it was pretty cool. He jumped on us too, and Hermana Burnham got a high five to her face! So like hot rod but better because this is for the work of the Lord.
Wow sorry this was a bit of a spastic letter, but I had to tell you some of the funny stuff that happened. We've had some awesome spiritual experiences this week too, and here is one of them.
We were walking over in one of the apartment complexes and saw a lady outside smoking. We said hello and were going to keep on walking, but then we felt like we needed to talk to her. We asked if we could give her a card and she started tearing up. When we asked if there was anything we could do for her she asked if we could keep her in our prayers. She wants to quit smoking but it's been hard for her, and I think overall she was having a tough day. We said a prayer with her and she started crying again telling us that we were angels sent to her. It's so incredible to be able to see how we can be an answer to someone and help them recognize the love that their Heavenly Father has for them. This week has been remarkable and full of miracles, busy and tiring, but one of the weeks where I think I have grown and learned the most as a missionary of putting my trust in the Lord. I just need to realize that He is always there for me to talk to, and in the words of Mat Kearney "I guess we're all one phone call from our knees." Remember that okay? I sure love you all more than words could ever express, thank you for your love and example to me! Have a great week!!

Hermana Hoj
           Hermana Hoj and her new companion Hermana Burnham

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