Monday, September 9, 2013

I Made it to Mexico!

Hello there everyone! I have made it to the Mexico MTC safe and sound. I am already so happy and so excited for everything thats ahead! The people I have been traveling with are all awesome and I am so excited to get to know everyone better! So we got to Phoenix and our flight was delayed a little more than an hour so we all got to get together and talk and learn about each other a little bit. I don't know how to introduce myself though. I go to say Annie, and then Sister, and then I'm just like wait...Hermana. haha so that will take some getting used to. Sorry if this letter is so scattered, I have a timer running in the top corner and this keyboard is kind of weird. So then we flew to Mexico. I wrote about 15 thank you cards, read two chapters in the Book of Mormon and then I was out for the rest of the flight! But seriously I love love love it already. I just feel so happy and all the people around me are so happy and it's just a happy place. I guess we'll see if I still think that once we're learning and the hard stuff comes! We got to Mexico and had to go through customs and everything, all the people speak Spanish so I basically just know how to respond with hola and gracias and como esta so my conversation is very in need of progress. But that's what I'm here for right? Lots and lots of stuff to learn. Mexico is really cool too. There are so many houses and buildings just absolutely packed in here and all painted bright colors. Lots of traffic too, I'm surprised our bus didn't hit anything as we were driving because the streets are so tight. Anyways, now I am at the MTC, I just got here about 10 minutes ago and from the little bit that I've seen it's beautiful! There are soccer fields too, so I'm hoping I'll get to try those out! We got a packet that has all of our information on it, and my companion is Hermana Smith, but I don't think I've met her yet unless I'm just forgetful of the people I've met which is likely. There are about 40 of us that got here today, the majority of them elders. But I have my tag! It's official! It's so funny because that's what everyone was the most excited for getting here. Everyone's just like "When do we get our nametags!?" I don't really know what's in store for the rest of the day because I haven't read the schedule yet, but I think we are going to a doctor to give our immunization records and then we get to eat! I'm starving right now so I'm excited for that! All I've had so far today is a fiber one bar and a pack of fruit snacks because no one really had time to grab food because the flight time kept changing. And I didn't want to risk eating another fiber one bar and making a  bad first impression for my companion right? hahaha Just kidding, but kind of not...I've met all the people going to my mission that were on my flight and I'm just so excited to get to know everyone better. So far this experience has been nothing like I have expected, so maybe it's best to just not expect anything. That way I won't be surprised or disappointed with whatever comes my way. I'll just take it as it is! Oh and the second I walked in to start emailing you I saw Hermana Barth! So awesome to see a familiar face! She's so cute and is making me excited for the next six weeks! Well, I don't really know what else to say...I don't know much about anything yet, but I'm sure next week will be crazy chock full of information for ya'll. But just know that I am here and I am safe AND I AM SO HAPPY! I didn't know it was possible to be this happy already, but I know that it's all in my attitude that will decide how this experience goes for me. It's so fun and I am so excited to get to spend the next year and a half doing something I love! Maybe I'm too optimistic right now, seeing as how I haven't even done anything yet that's seemed hard except for rolling my luggage up ramps. But I'm sure that will pale in comparison to some other stuff I've got coming! So I love you all so much and keep in touch with Liv's soccer and how all of you are doing! I'm excited to hear from you and hope that this email is enough to hold you over for a week! Love you sooooo much and have a great week! Love love love love love!!
Hermana Hoj
P.S. the pronunciation of my last name here is no better. One elder thought I said ho and two others thought I said whore...hahaha just a funny thing. Our last name never gets old!

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