Monday, August 18, 2014


Hey there fam,
Hate to break it to ya but this is going to be a short one today. Wanna know why? WE GOT LICE. haha sick right? It's not that bad, just a pain! We've been picking lice and nits out of each other's hair all morning like savage monkeys. So I'm just going to have to send you some pictures with captions for this week's email which is kind of a bummer because it was an awesome week. But we've just got a whole lot to do to decontaminate ourselves! haha what a story right? Oh well, what can you do? Hope you all have a great, lice free, week! Peace out, I've got to go put a bag of mayonnaise on my head.

Much love,
Hermana Hoj
        Some other more happy photos :)
                              A visit to Livingston Lake

                           Sister J went through the temple!!!!!!!!

                                    Our sweet Jeep Compass


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