Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finally a real Hola from Houston!


First of all this is my new address, before I forget:
Hermana Annie Hoj
26325 Northgate Crossing Boulevard #1621
Spring, TX 77373

So much has happened that I will try to get you caught up on, but there is no possible way to tell you all of it. You'd be sitting at the computer reading for days! haha So to first answer all ya'lls questions (and yes I have the authority to use ya'll all I want now!)

So with the airport. We didn't know what the rules were about calling so we went to ask the MTC president's wife and she told us that it's one of those kind of myth things that people do, but she told us we weren't supposed to. So I'm sorry I didn't get to call, but I was trying to be as obedient as I could be. I wouldn't have really had time to call anyways if that makes you feel any better. So I will see you all on Christmas Day! Can't wait. And that picture was sent from Sister Pingree's phone. Cute huh? I sure do love the Pingrees so much! I can already tell they will be the best mission presidents that I could have ever asked for. My achilles is finally starting to feel better, and yes I got the shoes and they are working perfectly. The sandals work because it zips up the back and doesn't put pressure on where it hurts. Since it was feeling better I decided to try exercising and I rode 10 miles on the bike this morning! Whoop whoop! It feels so good to finally sweat again! And it's not hurting so I hope I can ease my way back into it. I called the doctor's office and they can't get me in until the 28th so we'll see how it's feeling by then and see if I still need to see him by that point. So I hope that it continues to heal! Hannah, thanks for taking care of my little sister for me, there's no one else I'd rather have doing that for me. You are the best. Wow...where to begin. Here goes.

We got to the Houston airport to be greeted by President and Sister Pingree and the two AP's. There were about 35 people coming in I think, and Hna. Hill and I were the only Spanish sisters! When we got here we went to a church building to have a snack and went over some training things. Then we had dinner and boy was it good! It's good to have some more familiar foods again. We met a lot of the other adults that help manage the mission and they are all so great. Then I saw the Pingree kids too! That was so exciting and so happy. I just feel so darn lucky to have them here!! I was able to stay the night at the President's house with some other sisters and then we had breakfast with all of the new missionaries the next morning. Then we went to the church again to meet our new companions. President Pingree would call the trainer up, have them explain their area, then announce who the new companion was. I was second to last so I was so anxious throughout the whole thing! My new companion is Hermana Driesel. I LOVE HER! She is from Kuna, Idaho and is absolutely adorable. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. She has been out for almost a year and her Spanish is good. So much better than mine. That is probably the hardest thing about the mission for me right now. The language is a beast. haha But I'm learning a whole lot and I just have to keep practicing. We have a lot of opportunities to speak Spanish so I can definitely practice! I can understand most of what's going on, but I have some problems speaking in Spanish. Especially small talk because my vocabulary is very limited to gospel terms. So yes, I wish I could understand and talk with people a lot better but it just comes with time. My patience will be very tested over the next little while. Anyways, back to my companion. She has trained 5 times so I am in good hands. She is so sweet, diligent, and obedient. I am very grateful for that! Oh and I have been put in the Woodlands North Area! I love it in Houston already. The weather has been nice, it is definitely more humid--but not unbearable--and it has rained multiple times already. So after we were assigned our companions we took my stuff back to the apartment. We are so blessed! They are great apartments. We have a gym here so that's nice, and also in the main building they always have cookies for anyone so that's great too! I love being able to make my own food though. We're going grocery shopping today and I'm so excited to get lots of awesome food! Anyways, sorry this is all over the place. After we got to the apartment we left and got right to work! So much happens everyday that I barely remember what happened yesterday. And here is my miracle story for the week. We had an appointment with an investigator, and my very first appointment fell through. But the Lord is mindful of us and always has His hand in this work. We went to go see a referral that some other missionaries had given us that were in the same apartment complex. We knocked on the door and a man answered but the person we were looking for didn't live there. We gave him a card, and his friend came to the door asking if he could have one too. His name is Thomas. He came outside and talked to us for a little while and he agrees with everything that we taught him. We tried to set an appointment with him but he is super busy with work. He said that he would call us if he ever had time to talk. And this is where it gets crazy. He called us! I mean, when does that ever happen? So we taught him all about our purpose as missionaries and the restoration. So I hope that we can continue to progress with him.

So I have been here about 5 days? Yeah I've already had dinner with 5 families. And get this, so cool. We get to have dinner with a Pakistani couple every week. They don't really speak English except for hellos and thank yous (the husband can speak a little bit more), and we can't speak Ordu but it's still such a cool experience! You can feel the love in the room even though we can't express our feelings through words. They are great, and the food is too! Then we had two dinners yesterday and boy that was not fun being that full. Hence the 10 miles on the bike this morning. haha but the members here are so awesome and even though I can't communicate with them very well, their support and spirits give me lots of hope. Church was great! I'm pretty sure it was in the refrigerated section of Costco though. Holy cow talk about it being fresco! Good thing I brought my rain coat. I didn't understand a lot, but I met so many people and they are all so so awesome! Even though I am testifying and talking about God every day, Sundays still have a special little something added to them. We also had an investigator at church yesterday, and two less active members too! I really hope we can get them to keep coming. Yesterday we visited with members and there was one family we visited that are so incredible, the Reyes. I could just feel their love for the Savior and missionary work. We all had a bit of an emotional conversation, and don't worry we are being well taken care of here. Even though I don't get to be with you all at home, I still feel the same love and support here and that is something I am so grateful for. I am so blessed to be sharing this gospel and bringing that joy into other people's lives. I am learning so much, and my relationship with the Savior grows more each day. We pray so much here! I love it. But I love the gospel and the chance I have to share it. I know that it is true and I am so grateful that I can recognize the Lord's hand in my life. I will leave you with these three words. GOD IS GOOD. Love you all and hope all is well with you at home! Thank you for your love and support!

Con muchisisisisismo amor,

Hermana Hoj
                                                          Jesus Lane in Houston
                                                          A Texas Sunset
Hermana Hoj & Hermana Driesel

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